You’ve Got to Commit – reelemotions in 2020+

A compilation of snippets from published videos and a preview of projects in progress. The title is a quote from the Slow Mo Guys. When Gav has difficulties pulling a giant balloon over his head, Dan says: “You gotta commit, just get your head in”. We had a lot of fun watching their videos and we found a lot of situations and difficulties in which commitment was necessary. 2020+ means that it took us until March ’21 to finish the review so that some pictures were actually made in 2021.

Thanks to Hannelore and Erich Krüger, Manfred Heinis, Wilhelm Ehlert, Susanne and Cord Müller-Scheeßel, Jan Kranefeld and to all our subscribers.
Live Music L’Estaca – Harald Kießlich
Music from epidemicsound: Paradigm Shift – Gavin Luke, To Clarity – Airae, Island Journey – Wendel Scherer, Refined Enlightenment – Howard Harper-Barnes, One Foot in the Grave – Truvio, Mischievous Operations – Alfie-Jay Winters, The Proving Grounds – Dragon Tamer, Enter The Night 5 – Fredrik Ekström, Kermode – Tigerblood Jewel, Kiss & Tell – Headlund, Fields of Hope – Magnus Ringblom, Nagorno Mist – Vusal Zeinalov, Leave It to the Professionals – Arthur Benson, Trailing – Christian Andersen, Meadows in Småland – Franz Gordon, Celebration of Life – Tomas Skyldeberg, Brand New Beginning – Öman